General Classic Portion Review

Ok, so I’m back after a long pause since my first review and I have a few cans backed up to review. I’m looking forward to writing these up as there should be a good mix of snus I’m used to, and new snus (to me)!

First Up is the General Classic Portion review. This one is definitely a classic, maybe more so than the Ettan Original Portion I reviewed previously, and it appears to be the flagship Swedish Match product and one of the top selling brands.

The Can

General Classic Portion 2016 can


The General Classic Portion can design has changed a few times in the time I have used it- While I preferred the last incarnation (mostly black with the text and logo in a classy looking copper/gold colour) the current can I have certainly stands out, maybe a little too much for my taste. Nevertheless, this section is just a quick prelude as we go through using the snus, after all the cans are less important than the contents, and this may just be a special can as Swedish Match are celebrating 150 years of General Snus this year (2016).

The catch lid like all Swedish Match products is quite wide with a firm click, meaning you can fit plenty of used portions in there before you need to clear out.

The Portions

General Classic Portion 2016 portion

The General Classic portions themselves are not as fluffy or as tidily packed as they used to be, but it gets the job done- it just means you might want to fluff the portions out a bit before it goes in your mouth, as they can be compacted and a bit lopsided in the can. This leads me onto the moisture- these are definitely quite moist, and might leave a little residue on your fingers.

The Aroma

Upon opening the can and getting a good sniff, the first thing to hit me is a scent of citrus and leather. Underneath that, I get a slight hint of tea, and some smokiness along with the tobacco. This really is a great smelling snus, to those people that say “never smell the snus”; Shhhhh!

In The Lip

The portions are a little looser than I like, but I do like a well packed portion. However, this snus is still comfortable, and has such a good aroma and flavour I can quite happily look past that as it has become a personal favourite.

Naturally in the lip the flavours aren’t as complex as the aroma until you start playing around with it and looking for them, but it is definitely all there with a hint of sweetness, spice and enough salt nicely balancing out all those flavours. There is a slight hint of peppery tobacco when first using the portion, but that quickly fades into smooth, leathery tobacco lifted by the bergamot and salt.

The moisture level can lead to some drip, but since the flavour is so mellow and so good this is a snus where I really welcome it, even playing with it to juice it more sometimes.


General Classic Portion is a great snus, and a good standard for a classic, traditional flavoured portion that I can always come back to. I definitely recommend picking some up. Feel free to let me know your thoughts!


General has been manufactured since 1866 and is a dark snus, made from a blend of over 20 types of tobacco. The flavour is spicy with a touch of pepper and a hint of citrus, which originates from the careful seasoning that includes natural citrus oils. This year, General celebrates 150 years!

A recipe created out of a single man’s endeavor for perfection. Over 150 years ago, Johan A. Boman created the first pinch of General, a flavor revolution at that time. General has a large range of products in Sweden and is also spread internationally. General is a full-bodied snus – a blend of more than 20 tobaccos topped with a drop of bergamot oil. This creates a strong flavor that is spiced with a touch of pepper and citrus.

The General family contains a lineup of many different varieties: Loose, Portion, Long, Mini, White, Strong, Extra Strong and Onyx. While their formats differ, they all share the typical General-flavor base and are packaged in a distinctive General can.

Source: Swedish Match

ETTAN Original Portion Review

Ettan top-1

Hi Guys, for my first Swedish Snus review, I have to hand a can of Ettan Original portion I obtained from a friend. Let’s get straight into it-

The Can

Ettan Catch-2

The can is a typical Swedish Match portion type, with nice rounded edges and a nice feel in the hand and pocket. These cans have HUGE catch lids that span almost the whole surface of the lid, being capable of holding more than enough used portions with an absolute minimum of mess.

The branding of the can is nice, with the can itself being a metallic gold textured plastic, complemented by the classic looking yellow/gold labels with clear bold ‘ETTAN’ branding.

There is also a little ‘stamp’ on the side of the can, which references the history of this snus.

The Portions

Ettan Open-3

The portions themselves are nicely moist (soft rather than wet), just right for me really. They seem to require a little fluffing after being compressed into the can a bit haphazardly, but overall these portions are of excellent quality, and having made my way through a few rolls I haven’t had any split on me yet.

The Aroma

When I open the tin, the aroma definitely stands out. This snus doesn’t have the typical traditional flavourings of bergamot or citrus, but instead I get a wonderful, soft, earthy tobacco scent with definite notes of chocolate.

In The Lip

Once in the lip, these Ettan Original portions feel very soft. There is a slight taste of salt, without any harshness or pepperiness, and those gentle earthy chocolate flavours really do start to come through. The flavour is good but not invasive like many flavoured snus types, so this is one I can appreciate all the time from waking up, eating and all the way through until bedtime.


All in all, I think this is up there as one of my favourites, if not my absolute favourite portions to use regularly. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.


Ettan is a popular brand of Swedish snus – a pasteurized smokeless tobacco product. Founded in 1822, as “Ljunglöf’s No. 1”, Ettan is also one of the oldest Swedish brands in existence.

The recipe was created by Mr. Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf (1796 – 1860) as the factory’s premium quality and has not been changed since 1822. Common practice was to refer to the premium quality as No. 1., (there was also a No. 2, less premium quality). In the Swedish language, “Ettan” can be translated into an everyday way of saying “the first”.
Source: Wikipedia