ETTAN Original Portion Review

Ettan top-1

Hi Guys, for my first Swedish Snus review, I have to hand a can of Ettan Original portion I obtained from a friend. Let’s get straight into it-

The Can

Ettan Catch-2

The can is a typical Swedish Match portion type, with nice rounded edges and a nice feel in the hand and pocket. These cans have HUGE catch lids that span almost the whole surface of the lid, being capable of holding more than enough used portions with an absolute minimum of mess.

The branding of the can is nice, with the can itself being a metallic gold textured plastic, complemented by the classic looking yellow/gold labels with clear bold ‘ETTAN’ branding.

There is also a little ‘stamp’ on the side of the can, which references the history of this snus.

The Portions

Ettan Open-3

The portions themselves are nicely moist (soft rather than wet), just right for me really. They seem to require a little fluffing after being compressed into the can a bit haphazardly, but overall these portions are of excellent quality, and having made my way through a few rolls I haven’t had any split on me yet.

The Aroma

When I open the tin, the aroma definitely stands out. This snus doesn’t have the typical traditional flavourings of bergamot or citrus, but instead I get a wonderful, soft, earthy tobacco scent with definite notes of chocolate.

In The Lip

Once in the lip, these Ettan Original portions feel very soft. There is a slight taste of salt, without any harshness or pepperiness, and those gentle earthy chocolate flavours really do start to come through. The flavour is good but not invasive like many flavoured snus types, so this is one I can appreciate all the time from waking up, eating and all the way through until bedtime.


All in all, I think this is up there as one of my favourites, if not my absolute favourite portions to use regularly. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.


Ettan is a popular brand of Swedish snus – a pasteurized smokeless tobacco product. Founded in 1822, as “Ljunglöf’s No. 1”, Ettan is also one of the oldest Swedish brands in existence.

The recipe was created by Mr. Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf (1796 – 1860) as the factory’s premium quality and has not been changed since 1822. Common practice was to refer to the premium quality as No. 1., (there was also a No. 2, less premium quality). In the Swedish language, “Ettan” can be translated into an everyday way of saying “the first”.
Source: Wikipedia

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